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                             Dr. James K. Adams - 164 Sequoya Hall;

 The following course policies apply to all courses that I teach (the Principles of [General] Biology and Human Anatomy & Physiology Course Sequences, Ecology, Entomology, and Evolution).

    Attendance in class is recommended, but if you are absent, YOU are responsible for the material covered as well as any announcements and assignments given in class. Remember, YOU (or somebody close to you) are paying for your education, so you actually get less for your money if you do not attend class! Attendance to all labs and tests is mandatory (required) for all students, except in VERY EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES. Make-up labs and tests will be given only if you have notified me beforehand that you will be absent, and only if I agree that your reasons are sound. To reach me, call my office at 272-4427 (let it ring a while). Alternatively, you can call the biology office (272-4440) and leave a message for me; or you can call me at home until 9:00p.m. at 706-602-6993.

    If you miss a test or lab without contacting me (up to 24 hours afterwards), you will receive a zero for that test or lab, even if you come to me later with a doctor's (or other) excuse. If you contact me sometime on the day after the missed test, I will likely allow you to make-up the test, but in most cases MAKE-UP TESTS ARE ESSAY TESTS. Make-up labs are extremely difficult to set up, so it would be best to attend another lab the same week, if available. Also, when you contact me your must tell me when you will make up the test or lab, and it must be within a week after the test was originally scheduled; if you miss the scheduled make up time, you will receive a zero - no excuses (again except in extreme circumstances). Anyone caught cheating on any assignment or test will also receive a zero for that work only - everyone is allowed one bad decision (but only one). A second instance of cheating will result in an "F" for the course. You must pass both the lab and the lecture to pass the course.

                    Grades:        90 - 100%         A
                                        80 - 89%           B
                                        70 - 79%           C
                                        60 - 69%           D
                                        <60%                F

Grades may be subject to some curving after all points are totaled at the end of the semester. You will be notified of such at that time.

The tentative point total for each course will depend on the number of assignments, quizzes and tests given, and therefore may be somewhat different for each course.  You will be notified of the point breakdown in the first class period at the beginning of each term.

Assignments / quizzes may be deleted, or one or two added, at my discretion.

A withdrawal (W) from class is allowed without a grade until the scheduled drop date.

LATE PAPER POLICY: You may have several assignments due during the semester. Due dates will be announced in class and adhered to stringently. Any assignments that are turned in late will be assessed a penalty of 10% per classroom day. Please be aware, however, that this also means that an assignment turned in completed but one day late is better than an assignment turned in on time but only half done. Also, for obvious reasons, assignments cannot be turned in after everyone else's has been graded and returned (which is usually quite promptly); an attempt to do so will be refused and you will receive a zero for that exercise. Exceptions will be made for those with valid excuses.